Step by Step Guide to Hunting London Rooms to Rent

Hunting for London rooms to rent can be a bit frustrating if you don’t know where to look. The rents in London can be outrageous to newcomers in the city, often going double to what is asked for in other cities. However, it is still possible to find decent rooms to rent in this vibrant city. Here is a rough guide on how to go about it.

Get cheap temporary accommodation

You have to start somewhere. If you are new in the city, you will have to set up base quickly. If you already have a friend, you can crash there for a few days. You can use Crashpadder or Couchsurfing to get temporary cheap lodgings as you do your hunting.

Identify the area

If the city is still unfamiliar to you, the best thing is to ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues. You could also research the different regions of London on Google and other web resources. Be sure to have a look at the Office of National Statistics where they have data on different neighborhoods.

Some of the points to make up your analysis would be the commute distance, amenities and of course the rent. Typically, the further you are away from the city Centre, the cheaper the rents become, but you would have to consider the cost and time of the commute. If you will rarely be venturing into the City Centre, you have many affordable choices.

Looking for a house

Once more, the internet will be your greatest helper. There are several sites that list properties in London and the cities nearby. There is Gumtree which is one of the most popular but has a reputation for having dodgy listings. Others include Findaproperty, Primelocation and Rightmove.

You could also put your networks to good use and post an ad for house wanted. This could work very well if you manage to catch a private landlord.

If you are at the end of your tether and need to find a house fast, there are the real estate agents. They will have plenty of London rooms to rent but you will have to fork out some good money for proper services, sometimes commissions as high as 10% of the rent.

Moving in

After identifying the rooms you want, the next step is to have a properly done tenancy agreement. Ensure that you have favorable terms and conditions on issues such as bills, tenancy deposit and notice of vacation.  Also ensure to have a moving in inventory report prepared before you move in.

Feng Shui mistakes you could be doing at home

Feng Shui provides a roadmap that anybody can use to get peace, positive energy, and tranquillity. However, certain things have to do right in order for the energy to flow at home. Here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid.

Your furniture is not facing the door

In order to be safe, you need to be in a position of command. At this point, there is nothing that may come home as a surprise to you. The amygdala, the part that of the brain that controls fear and puts the brain into survival instincts is conditioned in such a way that it is always on high alert when we cannot tell what is behind us. Face the door. If you cannot face the door, play with the mirrors so that you see the door.

Not decluttering the house well enough before Feng Shui remedies are installed

Many people dread the idea of decluttering the house just in case they missed the item that they are throwing away. However, you have to install Feng Shui on a completely clean slate. Moreover, it has to be the whole home and not just the living room, and yet the rest of the rooms and the garage are in a total mess.

Hanging heavy art above areas where you lie down or sit

Having large photos and paintings above your seat, couch or bed is not right. One of the principles of Feng Shui is keeping safe. You cannot be safe if you have a heavy item that hangs over your head. Change the position of such items.

You have items that require repair

Do not keep items that are not in the usable state at home. Once an item has been written off, dispose it off immediately. Otherwise, broken items impede the flow of energy at home and make your Feng Shui ineffective.

You focus too much on one specific outcome

Let us take an example: you are trying to activate your romance gua to salvage your relationship, but it does not work. Feng Shui is mysterious. Sometimes, the negative outcome that you see is exactly what you need for your life. Therefore, do not hold on to one outcome too tightly. You may be missing the opportunities that are being presented to you.

Feng Shui works in a perfect environment. By dealing with the above areas, you are able to create an environment for perfection.

How to Get The Best End of Tenancy Cleaners?

Why you need the best end of tenancy cleaners

End of tenancy cleaning services can save you good time and money when moving houses. In the midst of all the small tasks involved in moving, you hardly have time to do thorough top to bottom cleaning in the house. You will need cleaners that can guarantee a good job if you intend to go after your tenancy deposit. The best option is engaging professional end of tenancy cleaners. Some people mistakenly think that cleaning services are expensive, but it all depends on how well you do your search for a good cleaning service. How can you get the best cleaning service?


Cleaning for a standard 3-bedroom house will range from £130 to £250. This will differ depending on factors like:

  • Furniture items – If there are many bulky and heavy items to be moved about during the cleaning, some cleaning services will charge extra.
  • Urgency – Cleaning services will sense when you urgently need their services. If you call and book them within the hour, you can expect to pay more
  • Extra tasks – Most end of tenancy cleaners will work on the inside of the house. Extra tasks would include cleaning the garden, veranda and the driveway. Cleaning services also have off-limit tasks which are tasks that are considered disgusting, toxic or dangerous. Including a task like disposing off a dead pet will definitely cost you extra.


End of tenancy cleaners must be able to demonstrate that it can handle the job at hand. You will need to see if they have the equipment and tools needed for the job. Be wary of services that are not able to show this straightway. It means that you are dealing with a broker who will sub-contract the job to another service who may not necessarily do the job in the expected fashion. Most of all check out the staff. Some cleaning services will employ immigrants who will accept low pay. Ideally, you need people with ID and who can be traced.


If a cleaning service takes two hours to get back to your enquiry, this is a sign of complacency and unprofessionalism. You are looking for a service that will address your concerns promptly and satisfactorily. It is good to make a personal visit to the office of the cleaning service. The way the cleaners are treated will tell you a lot about the attitude of the management. You need an end of tenancy cleaning service that will listen to you in case anything goes wrong, or the job is not done to your expectations.

Make use of Feng Shui to create comfort through colour

An ideal Feng Shui world is made of five elements namely fire, water, wood, metal, and earth. Interestingly, everything around us is made of these elements. Have you ever gone to a place and felt a welcoming warmth of comfort and relaxation? The place has all the five elements, which are releasing their energy.

The use of color is one way you can experience these five elements and unleash their supportive energies. You need to know the properties of the popular hues in order to tap into their goodness for the sake of your comfort. Here are guidelines to get going with color and the five elements.


Water knows no boundaries and has great mutable powers. This element is best presented by hunter green, charcoal, and navy blue. Using this color spectrum, you can be able to release what you no longer need in your life. The colors can also be used in your professional endeavors if carried around in notebooks and journals.


Fire awakens our motivations and helps us push through our inspirations. The red color and its wheelhouse that includes magenta, pink, orange and maroon is the best presentation of fire. The palette captivates the attention and helps put up a confident face. It also helps you act with a clear mind. One thing you need to remember is that overuse of the fiery colors breeds impulsivity and impatience.


Wood is the element of flexibility. It also brings about fresh starts. The cool colors of blue and green (as well as their variants) are good representations of wood. Green represents the life’s riches and fresh start while blue soothes the soul and diffuses tension. You can have these colors in literally everything from towels to rugs and carpet.


Metal is the force that spurs a creative mind as well as deep intelligence. You can achieve this property with a few strokes of white and its variants. You will experience concise communication that is clear and refuels your creative reservoir.


Earth is our comfort and grounds us to the best we can be. You can bring the power of the earth using earth tones such as yellow, brown, and muted neutrals. These colors also stabilize energy and slow you down. These are also the colors to promote mindfulness and stay focused on the things we want to achieve in life. Think of a few earth-colored utensils as a start.

Man and Van Vs. Removals Truck: Which is Better?

Why Man and Van services are better

When it comes to moving a house or office in London, there are two choices; man and van London services, or house removals companies. The two kinds of services have some differences that you should be careful to consider when making your choice.


Man and van London services will usually operate vans of sizes small, medium, large, extra-large and Luton sizes. Their load space will range from 99 cubic feet to about 670 cubic feet for the largest Luton vans.  These vans can move an average flat, bed sit and even a 2-bedroom apartment.

Removals companies will typically keep 3.5, 7.5 and up to 18 tonne trucks. These trucks are assigned a driver of Category C having passed the Certificate of Professional Competence. These larger removal trucks are able to move up to 6-bedroom apartments in one go.

Both removals trucks and man and van services will come fully equipped for loading and unloading with hoisting gear, loading ramps and dollies, and winches.


Man and van London by Easi Movers services usually charge by the hour or per item delivered. You will be typically asked for a deposit with the rest of the payment handed over to the driver at the end of the job.  Prices start as low as £20 within London for deliveries done within the city. These low prices are offered as man and van services will usually bundle several items together for delivery along the same route.

House removals companies will make a price quote after doing a house survey to assess the size of moving truck required.  The price quote will also detail other services offered like unpacking, packing and dismantling services. You will then be required be required to sign a contract if you are comfortable with the price quoted. House removal trucks will usually charge in the hundreds of pounds as they carry a huge load.


Man and van London services are usually engaged by students, small and medium businesses, and house owners with only a few items to move.  These services are especially useful to small businesses that need to make deliveries now and then e.g. furniture shops.

Removal trucks are more suitable for big business and homeowners with large homes. Clients that need to move for longer distances will also prefer a fixed contract offered by a removals truck rather than charging by the hour.

If you are moving a few items for a short distance, it is definitely better to pick a man and van London service over a removals truck.

5 Reasons you Should be Using Tenancy Cleaning as a Landlord

Keeping clean tenancy units is a must if you intend to maintain full occupancy. Some outgoing tenants will leave their previous units in disaster. Some will do cursory cleaning that will not be up to the standards of other potential tenants. This means that you have to handle the end of tenancy cleaning and ensure that a proper job is done. The only way of doing this would be engaging professional end of tenancy cleaning services. There are good reasons you should consider doing it.

Higher occupancy

Your units must make a huge impression the first time. For the potential tenant with a discerning eye, the slightest hint of dirt will be a turn off. A cursory cleaning job will not get rid of all the grease stains, lime scale, soap scum and stains on the floor. A professional cleaning crew will ensure that the whole house is spick and span making a good impression and keeping your units fully occupied at all times.

Top to bottom cleaning

Your potential tenants will want to move into units that look as good as new even when they are aware that your building is not too new. This means working thoroughly on the inside. A professional and best end of tenancy cleaning service is the only assurance that the units will be cleaned from the ceiling to the floor tiles. This is a job that calls for more than the usual mop and bucket. Only a professional end of tenancy cleaning service has the manpower and equipment to do a massive cleaning job like this.

Money saver

Your finance expert will tell you that hiring is always cheaper than acquiring. By taking on a cleaning crew only when you need them, you save on money that could have been spent on employing staff and acquiring cleaning equipment and materials.

Time saver

It would be hard taking on the cleaning task for several housing units. You also need the shortest time spent with the house vacant. A cleaning service can ready the unit in a short time minimizing the period your units remain vacant.

Better management

By keeping high standards of cleaning, the new tenants will be forced to keep up the trend. It will also be shown in the moving in inventory report. This means when the current client moves out, you will have less work to do to restore the house. You also start on the right footing with new tenants having no complaints about the hygiene.

Get Organized with Feng Shui

Being organised is about having everything in your life under control. If all your affairs are within your perspective in the present day, then it will almost be automatic that they will stay that way even in the future. Mastering the energy around us through the chinese art of Feng Shui dictates that life and all around it should follow a certain flow, rhythm or order. By embracing the practice of Feng Shui, it becomes possible to tune in to the energy of the universe which is of great benefit to overall life advancement. How then can Feng Shui be used to find direction in life, attract love, advance in your career or be healthy?

Identify an entry point and use it

Around the door which you have identified as the main door to your house or apartment, get rid of any clutter or dirt. A clear doorway brings order into a premises and carries the same outside while the reverse is true. It is commonplace for people to arrange shoes and even place a coat rack next to the door, but this blocks flow of positive energy. With the same clarity a visitor encounters when they visit a home where spaces are organised, so does positive energy. With a clear front door, make sure that it is the same place from which you access your house or apartment. This is the same order that positive energy will use to come into your life.

Have belongings in good working condition

Want to see an instant improvement in the level of organisation in your life? Make sure that everything in your possession works perfectly. This way, you will always be in high spirits because things are available when needed. Lighting and visibility should be emphasised and apart from reducing the risk of accidents, it will also help to avoid buildup of clutter.

Do basic tasks instantly

Have you noticed how difficult it is to go back to make your bed after you have left the bedroom to do other things in the morning? The same is true for tidying up the bathroom but it does not have to be. Making the bed as soon as you leave the bedroom and cleaning the bathroom before you exit allows you to systematically move between tasks which save time. This also sets an organized tone throughout the day and in time, you will realize that you have accomplished more without much trying.

Color plays a significant role in Feng Shui and in the area of the organisation, blue is preferred. In areas where you find it particularly challenging to keep organized, keep blue around and it will help you to flow into order.

Feng Shui to boost Wealth creation

Most people will experience a period in their life where financial ability feels to be at an all time low. This may be a passing phase but with no way of telling how long it will last, it may be time to spring into action. Did you know that, just like blood flows in the veins, so does wealth energy? When this flow of energy meets an obstacle, all financial resources appear frozen and money is never enough in your life. The Chinese have a remedy for dealing with this blockage when it happens; the art of Feng Shui. If you have never tried this remedy before, prepare for an attraction of abundance into your life but there are steps to be followed first;

Invite prosperity into your home

Ever heard the saying that money pulls more money unto itself? At the main door leading to your residence, hang 3 Chinese coins. They need to be tied together using a red ribbon before being attached to the handle. Since the number 3 is synonymous with wealth in Chinese beliefs, the ribbon should be cut into 9 or 18 strips. This step will only work if the door swings open smoothly without encountering any resistance. You can ascertain this by oiling the hinges and cleaning the door.

Remove clutter from each room

The power of Feng shui will manifest best in a clean and neat place. This is the time to give your home an entire thorough cleaning makeover. Old items that are no longer used should be thrown out to allow room for new things to be obtained. If you have small children or have a tendency to throw items all over the place, create a special corner in each room for collecting items before tidying up. Feng Shui rule of less is more applies to any space so either move around the furniture to allow the flow of energy.

Pump energy to your wealth sector

The faster you can locate the southeast area of your home, the better because this is your prosperity sector. Treat this like an altar for keeping all the special objects related to your wealth. Some items that will be appropriate for his area are Chinese coins and a water fountain. The role of the coins is to attract more money while the fountain ensures that the abundance keeps flowing. Pictures of things that you wish to own like cars, houses and businesses should be hung over the altar as a reflection of where the energy needs to flow.

Wealth in a person’s life is represented in all spheres of life. In the same way, you tap energy flow in your home, the same should apply to the office or business premises to create one continuous path. Watch the abundance of space, pictures, and color around you and soon you will witness abundance in your pockets.