Make use of Feng Shui to create comfort through colour

An ideal Feng Shui world is made of five elements namely fire, water, wood, metal, and earth. Interestingly, everything around us is made of these elements. Have you ever gone to a place and felt a welcoming warmth of comfort and relaxation? The place has all the five elements, which are releasing their energy.

The use of color is one way you can experience these five elements and unleash their supportive energies. You need to know the properties of the popular hues in order to tap into their goodness for the sake of your comfort. Here are guidelines to get going with color and the five elements.


Water knows no boundaries and has great mutable powers. This element is best presented by hunter green, charcoal, and navy blue. Using this color spectrum, you can be able to release what you no longer need in your life. The colors can also be used in your professional endeavors if carried around in notebooks and journals.


Fire awakens our motivations and helps us push through our inspirations. The red color and its wheelhouse that includes magenta, pink, orange and maroon is the best presentation of fire. The palette captivates the attention and helps put up a confident face. It also helps you act with a clear mind. One thing you need to remember is that overuse of the fiery colors breeds impulsivity and impatience.


Wood is the element of flexibility. It also brings about fresh starts. The cool colors of blue and green (as well as their variants) are good representations of wood. Green represents the life’s riches and fresh start while blue soothes the soul and diffuses tension. You can have these colors in literally everything from towels to rugs and carpet.


Metal is the force that spurs a creative mind as well as deep intelligence. You can achieve this property with a few strokes of white and its variants. You will experience concise communication that is clear and refuels your creative reservoir.


Earth is our comfort and grounds us to the best we can be. You can bring the power of the earth using earth tones such as yellow, brown, and muted neutrals. These colors also stabilize energy and slow you down. These are also the colors to promote mindfulness and stay focused on the things we want to achieve in life. Think of a few earth-colored utensils as a start.