Man and Van Vs. Removals Truck: Which is Better?

Why Man and Van services are better

When it comes to moving a house or office in London, there are two choices; man and van London services, or house removals companies. The two kinds of services have some differences that you should be careful to consider when making your choice.


Man and van London services will usually operate vans of sizes small, medium, large, extra-large and Luton sizes. Their load space will range from 99 cubic feet to about 670 cubic feet for the largest Luton vans.  These vans can move an average flat, bed sit and even a 2-bedroom apartment.

Removals companies will typically keep 3.5, 7.5 and up to 18 tonne trucks. These trucks are assigned a driver of Category C having passed the Certificate of Professional Competence. These larger removal trucks are able to move up to 6-bedroom apartments in one go.

Both removals trucks and man and van services will come fully equipped for loading and unloading with hoisting gear, loading ramps and dollies, and winches.


Man and van London by Easi Movers services usually charge by the hour or per item delivered. You will be typically asked for a deposit with the rest of the payment handed over to the driver at the end of the job.  Prices start as low as £20 within London for deliveries done within the city. These low prices are offered as man and van services will usually bundle several items together for delivery along the same route.

House removals companies will make a price quote after doing a house survey to assess the size of moving truck required.  The price quote will also detail other services offered like unpacking, packing and dismantling services. You will then be required be required to sign a contract if you are comfortable with the price quoted. House removal trucks will usually charge in the hundreds of pounds as they carry a huge load.


Man and van London services are usually engaged by students, small and medium businesses, and house owners with only a few items to move.  These services are especially useful to small businesses that need to make deliveries now and then e.g. furniture shops.

Removal trucks are more suitable for big business and homeowners with large homes. Clients that need to move for longer distances will also prefer a fixed contract offered by a removals truck rather than charging by the hour.

If you are moving a few items for a short distance, it is definitely better to pick a man and van London service over a removals truck.