How to Get The Best End of Tenancy Cleaners?

Why you need the best end of tenancy cleaners

End of tenancy cleaning services can save you good time and money when moving houses. In the midst of all the small tasks involved in moving, you hardly have time to do thorough top to bottom cleaning in the house. You will need cleaners that can guarantee a good job if you intend to go after your tenancy deposit. The best option is engaging professional end of tenancy cleaners. Some people mistakenly think that cleaning services are expensive, but it all depends on how well you do your search for a good cleaning service. How can you get the best cleaning service?


Cleaning for a standard 3-bedroom house will range from £130 to £250. This will differ depending on factors like:

  • Furniture items – If there are many bulky and heavy items to be moved about during the cleaning, some cleaning services will charge extra.
  • Urgency – Cleaning services will sense when you urgently need their services. If you call and book them within the hour, you can expect to pay more
  • Extra tasks – Most end of tenancy cleaners will work on the inside of the house. Extra tasks would include cleaning the garden, veranda and the driveway. Cleaning services also have off-limit tasks which are tasks that are considered disgusting, toxic or dangerous. Including a task like disposing off a dead pet will definitely cost you extra.


End of tenancy cleaners must be able to demonstrate that it can handle the job at hand. You will need to see if they have the equipment and tools needed for the job. Be wary of services that are not able to show this straightway. It means that you are dealing with a broker who will sub-contract the job to another service who may not necessarily do the job in the expected fashion. Most of all check out the staff. Some cleaning services will employ immigrants who will accept low pay. Ideally, you need people with ID and who can be traced.


If a cleaning service takes two hours to get back to your enquiry, this is a sign of complacency and unprofessionalism. You are looking for a service that will address your concerns promptly and satisfactorily. It is good to make a personal visit to the office of the cleaning service. The way the cleaners are treated will tell you a lot about the attitude of the management. You need an end of tenancy cleaning service that will listen to you in case anything goes wrong, or the job is not done to your expectations.