Feng Shui mistakes you could be doing at home

Feng Shui provides a roadmap that anybody can use to get peace, positive energy, and tranquillity. However, certain things have to do right in order for the energy to flow at home. Here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid.

Your furniture is not facing the door

In order to be safe, you need to be in a position of command. At this point, there is nothing that may come home as a surprise to you. The amygdala, the part that of the brain that controls fear and puts the brain into survival instincts is conditioned in such a way that it is always on high alert when we cannot tell what is behind us. Face the door. If you cannot face the door, play with the mirrors so that you see the door.

Not decluttering the house well enough before Feng Shui remedies are installed

Many people dread the idea of decluttering the house just in case they missed the item that they are throwing away. However, you have to install Feng Shui on a completely clean slate. Moreover, it has to be the whole home and not just the living room, and yet the rest of the rooms and the garage are in a total mess.

Hanging heavy art above areas where you lie down or sit

Having large photos and paintings above your seat, couch or bed is not right. One of the principles of Feng Shui is keeping safe. You cannot be safe if you have a heavy item that hangs over your head. Change the position of such items.

You have items that require repair

Do not keep items that are not in the usable state at home. Once an item has been written off, dispose it off immediately. Otherwise, broken items impede the flow of energy at home and make your Feng Shui ineffective.

You focus too much on one specific outcome

Let us take an example: you are trying to activate your romance gua to salvage your relationship, but it does not work. Feng Shui is mysterious. Sometimes, the negative outcome that you see is exactly what you need for your life. Therefore, do not hold on to one outcome too tightly. You may be missing the opportunities that are being presented to you.

Feng Shui works in a perfect environment. By dealing with the above areas, you are able to create an environment for perfection.