Feng Shui to boost Wealth creation

Most people will experience a period in their life where financial ability feels to be at an all time low. This may be a passing phase but with no way of telling how long it will last, it may be time to spring into action. Did you know that, just like blood flows in the veins, so does wealth energy? When this flow of energy meets an obstacle, all financial resources appear frozen and money is never enough in your life. The Chinese have a remedy for dealing with this blockage when it happens; the art of Feng Shui. If you have never tried this remedy before, prepare for an attraction of abundance into your life but there are steps to be followed first;

Invite prosperity into your home

Ever heard the saying that money pulls more money unto itself? At the main door leading to your residence, hang 3 Chinese coins. They need to be tied together using a red ribbon before being attached to the handle. Since the number 3 is synonymous with wealth in Chinese beliefs, the ribbon should be cut into 9 or 18 strips. This step will only work if the door swings open smoothly without encountering any resistance. You can ascertain this by oiling the hinges and cleaning the door.

Remove clutter from each room

The power of Feng shui will manifest best in a clean and neat place. This is the time to give your home an entire thorough cleaning makeover. Old items that are no longer used should be thrown out to allow room for new things to be obtained. If you have small children or have a tendency to throw items all over the place, create a special corner in each room for collecting items before tidying up. Feng Shui rule of less is more applies to any space so either move around the furniture to allow the flow of energy.

Pump energy to your wealth sector

The faster you can locate the southeast area of your home, the better because this is your prosperity sector. Treat this like an altar for keeping all the special objects related to your wealth. Some items that will be appropriate for his area are Chinese coins and a water fountain. The role of the coins is to attract more money while the fountain ensures that the abundance keeps flowing. Pictures of things that you wish to own like cars, houses and businesses should be hung over the altar as a reflection of where the energy needs to flow.

Wealth in a person’s life is represented in all spheres of life. In the same way, you tap energy flow in your home, the same should apply to the office or business premises to create one continuous path. Watch the abundance of space, pictures, and color around you and soon you will witness abundance in your pockets.