Get Organized with Feng Shui

Being organised is about having everything in your life under control. If all your affairs are within your perspective in the present day, then it will almost be automatic that they will stay that way even in the future. Mastering the energy around us through the chinese art of Feng Shui dictates that life and all around it should follow a certain flow, rhythm or order. By embracing the practice of Feng Shui, it becomes possible to tune in to the energy of the universe which is of great benefit to overall life advancement. How then can Feng Shui be used to find direction in life, attract love, advance in your career or be healthy?

Identify an entry point and use it

Around the door which you have identified as the main door to your house or apartment, get rid of any clutter or dirt. A clear doorway brings order into a premises and carries the same outside while the reverse is true. It is commonplace for people to arrange shoes and even place a coat rack next to the door, but this blocks flow of positive energy. With the same clarity a visitor encounters when they visit a home where spaces are organised, so does positive energy. With a clear front door, make sure that it is the same place from which you access your house or apartment. This is the same order that positive energy will use to come into your life.

Have belongings in good working condition

Want to see an instant improvement in the level of organisation in your life? Make sure that everything in your possession works perfectly. This way, you will always be in high spirits because things are available when needed. Lighting and visibility should be emphasised and apart from reducing the risk of accidents, it will also help to avoid buildup of clutter.

Do basic tasks instantly

Have you noticed how difficult it is to go back to make your bed after you have left the bedroom to do other things in the morning? The same is true for tidying up the bathroom but it does not have to be. Making the bed as soon as you leave the bedroom and cleaning the bathroom before you exit allows you to systematically move between tasks which save time. This also sets an organized tone throughout the day and in time, you will realize that you have accomplished more without much trying.

Color plays a significant role in Feng Shui and in the area of the organisation, blue is preferred. In areas where you find it particularly challenging to keep organized, keep blue around and it will help you to flow into order.